Mountain & Moon

Black Sheep


perth / Australia

Main Manufacturing Countries


We love … golden sunsets, old cars, romantic strolls, candlelit dinners, hedonistic parties, indoor jungles, best friends, martinis & margaritas, treasures & curiosities, opulent glamour + worldly beauty.

Mountain & Moon was created as more than a jewellery label, it's a lifestyle. Born from the desire to create luxe jewels which can elevate and empower women across the globe, the exotic designs are strong, sexy, and forward, made for every woman who loves to make a statement. Designers Audrey Allen and Ashton Cameron joined forces in 2015 with a shared affinity for the ‘more is more’ philosophy and a love for jewellery which can transcend cultures, styles & eras. MM jewels are high quality, timeless and unique with a distinct signature aesthetic. Most importantly, they make women feel STUNNING and that is what the label is all about.