Morena Cutello

Grey Sheep




Harim accademia Euromediterranea Catania

Graduation year


"My relationship with the fashion wasn’t born, it has always existed"
Fashion and time, art and its spirituality, the obsession for the harmony and the Beauty are the pillars of this young brand.
She studied art of the fabric at the Istituto Statale d’Arte where she improved her skills about fashion design, embroidery, textile printing and weaving abilities. She continued her studies at the Harim Accademia Euromediterranea that will end with a collection named SEVIL , inspired by the 7 deadly sins. A professional development have seen her at Cedric Jacquemyn’s Atelier in Antwerp, Belgium. Back to Italy, she started a new project: her Superbe Charme collection. It will bring us deep in the world of the illustrator Rene Gruau and it will walk the catwalk of the Made in Medi , the Mediterranean fashion week. After that, she will leave her Sicily to move to London and work with the fashion designer Gomez-Garcia and her team. She is currently working to her brand “Morena Cutello, Italian womenswear “. This brand reminds cosmopolitan shapes and Italian style.

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