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Andandika Surasetja is an Indonesian young fashion designer, lives in Jakarta. Andandika studied Journalism in Bandung, Indonesia, followed by courses in Fashion Business (2018), and Marketing for Luxury (2019) at Istituto Marangoni, London, UK. he worked as feature editor and fashion stylist for NYLON - NYLON Guys magazine before launching his brand MORAL, in 2016. Creating MORAL was then the natural step forward for his love of sharing stories and ideas through fashion. Andandika often finds inspiration from very personal experiences and his ever -evolving curiosity of life. His work is said to be characterized by use of prints, colors, mix fabrics and layering.

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Debuted in 2016, MORAL is an Indonesian independent fashion label. This young label is distinctive amongst its peers with strong storytelling that serves as a foundation for each collection.

Fashion is a form of expression and MORAL accommodates this need through pieces that always juggle the fine line between conceptual thinking and practicality. Each collection is both creatively daring and yet deceptively straightforward. MORAL has evolved to cater to both sexes that blends youthful exuberance tinged with existential wonderment. Through this unique take on fashion, MORAL understands that ultimately life is about writing our own individual narrative and how to figure out the moral of each story we tell ourselves.

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