mona velciov monotip

Grey Sheep



bucharest / romania


art university george enescu romania

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MONOTIP is a try – in progress – at exploring my attraction for artifacts. (perception/aesthetic/convention/ paradigm).
I used to work as a graphic designer, but more as an interpreter/translator/pander in between an abstract language and a visual language. Beauty, as a concept, makes me feel uneasy- it is always so ambiguous, so ever-changing. Aesthetics outside of ethics is not something I can settle with anymore. I am interested in the archetype and its dynamics in different contexts and regarding different patterns; I care for the new meaning it earns.
There is this belief that jewelry and adornments are precious as long as they are made out of rough, rare and noble matter (gold, gems) – so they become a symbol of our social status. I built my own understanding.I ‘hijack’ signification/power symbols/against imposed social order/toward social justice, for the object. I am interested in the evanescent, in the conscious Present Moment. MONOTIP is not necessarily a synonym for ‘unique’ (*object).  MONOTIP defines the wearer/the one who choses the object. It can be a degree of freedom, away from the uniform, a serious commitment toward diversity and opinion.