Molly kathryn

Black Sheep



london / United Kingdom


middlesex university london

Graduation year


With this collection, originally inspired by the music I grew up with, I explored androgyny and rebellion during the punk rock and grunge wave of the ’80s and ’90s. Combining my love for embroidery and illustrative handwork on garments with typically timeless feminine shapes, I incorporated them into a Menswear Collection to challenge gender stereotypes and celebrate masculinity by enhancing the male silhouette with typically ‘pretty’ features. Juxtaposing ugly masks with feminine fabrics, ruffles and heavily decorated features, so that her muse is a visual interpretation of this concept and follows the trends of this era and the celebration of the creativity and individuality within the music scene. This collection was a chance to fully indulge myself in my own aesthetic, to create something individual and entirely true reflection of my perception of fashion, and to celebrate and appreciate the importance of independent designers in a world of fast fashion.

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