Grey Sheep


paris / france


Academy of Fine arts of florence

Mollami is the first jewelry collection created by Marta Rossi and it was born on a film set when Marta by chance put on her finger a peg spring, and began musing on the play on the Italian words ‘molla’ (spring) and ‘mollami’ (leave me). Society is changing and so are relationships – Mollami rings are the new sophisticated symbol of this, the perfect ring for the non-conformist, those troubled of heart or the ‘it’s complicated’ lovers! The ring poses questions about the concept of what it means to be a ‘couple’: when marriage or traditional symbols of commitment don’t quite ‘fit’, for who want to embrace freedom in a relationship, or for those who want to symbolise the harmonious end of a love story. There are many ways to wear Mollami… because love today is complicated.
Marta Rossi who mainly works as costume designer in cinema and theatre, also develops personal art-works using and testing different media and materials. This time Marta has chosen the jewelry since the ring meaning was perfectly meeting her questions about the relations in our society.

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