Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


central saint martins

Graduation year


MOEVA is an independent brand based in London that offers quality goods since 2012, by combining innovative design with quality apparel. Even smallest details are considered, from the fabric, and lining, to closures and accessories. MOEVA not only designs to ensure outstanding quality but also insists on affording our client’s well-being with comfortable products and strives to create different but timeless swimwear with a rest of surprise and freshness. MOEVA consistent design concept is to use high quality fabric interpretation of the latest European fashion trends, aims to provide different colour combinations to match with their client’s lifestyle, confidence. Designs with grasp the pulse of fashion trends, and implementing the “perfection is in the details” concept, fashion, and the rich taste of luxury swimwear to show MOEVA irresistible modern. Today’s luxury living consists of quality, comfort and confidence elements, and these are exactly MOEVA is inspired from, without forgetting to pour into European fashion trends and atmosphere. The brand caters to consumers with and an attitude, a personality; good taste, enjoy leisure and travel, and are in pursuit of a high quality of life. The innovative marketing strategies, product concepts, and quality of service- oriented attitude are key aspects of the brand.

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