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MIUNIKU is a luxury clothing and accessories brand for modern women, founded by sisters Tina (27) and Nikita (25), who were born and brought up in Mumbai, India.
Growing up in the city of Mumbai, the designers were a part of rapid globalization, and many of its factors greatly influenced the way they lived and perceived things. Thus it could be said that they have always had an international outlook, which became even more polished from the time the have been in London.
In 2009, Tina completed her Bachelors degree in business studies in Mumbai and later that year, went on to do a short course in Fashion marketing at London College of Fashion.
In the summer of 2010, Nikita completed a diploma in Fashion design from Raffles International in Mumbai. Later in 2010, both of them went to study a Degree in Pattern Cutting, progressing onto a BA (Hons) Womenswear, at London College of Fashion. They graduated in June 2013. They are currently based in Mumbai and plan to extend base to London soon.
The brand name comes from the nick names given to the designers by their parents. Tina - Miu and Nikita - Niku. The overall brand aesthetic is a balance between clean lines and graphic details, mixing minimal and maximal elements. They have produced two collections till date, and although they are new designers, they have received substantial attention from the international press.
Tina and Nikita received the Fashion Innovation Award at London college of fashion (July 2013) and the ISKOTM Denim Diffusion Award (July 2013). They were Semi- Finalists of the H&M Design Awards 2014.
In May, they were awarded the Special Jury Prize at the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers 2014.
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