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MISS MADEL is more than just shoes. They are a representation of different unique personalities and stories, styles and elegance, and they are in fact a reflection of who you are.

MISS MADEL wishes to be able to walk with you and accompanying you in achieving your dreams or while experiencing new journey in life. We hope that our shoes are able to give you love, warmth and courage to be yourself.

MISS MADEL shoes are designed with all our hearts for you, making it not just an ordinary pair of shoes you got off the shelf. It is made with love and warmth.

The whole process of making the shoes starting from drawing shoe’s pattern, cutting insole, midsole and outsole, stitching, trimming until the finished product, is fully handmade by experience shoemaker to ensure to give you comfort throughout the day! MISS MADEL’s shoes are full with priceless workmanship and work of art. That’s why, every pair of shoes is unique and irreplaceable.