Mirka Vilkman

Grey Sheep


helsinki / finland


lahti university of applied sciences, institute of design

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With a background in dressmaking, Mirka Vilkman’s design process is heavily focused on pattern making. She likes to take time to concentrate on the fit of the garment, designing pieces that ensure comfort and durability. Sustainability and ecological values are a vital part of her work as well, and she works a lot with zero waste pattern making and second hand materials. Mirka aims to create pieces that are refined, long-lasting and easy to take care of, so that the wearer can cherish them for a long time.

She also has a soft spot for traditional craftsmanship, and she loves to include hand embroidery in her pieces. This is where her fondness for making illustrations and fine finishings come into play, most often taking shapes derived from the world of pathology and gore – but in an inconspicuous and playful way.

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