Mirco Arena

Black Sheep


florence / italy



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Mirco Arena Graduted form Polimoda International Institute Fashion Design&Marketing, Florence in 2017. Fashion Design Undergraduate. Presentation of Arena's Debut Collection "Dethroned Love" won the Best Collection Awrad (international jury, Suzy Menkes, Guram Gvasalia,
Massimiliano Giornetti, Scott Schumsky,
Alexander Shumsky, Laudomia Pucci,
Riccardo Vannetti, Brendan Cannon, Linda Loppa,
Danilo Venturi). Dethroned Love, regal and at the same time ascetic: cold shades decorate the white collection, naked and transparent, like water crystallizes to become ice. Plastic materials woven into geometric structures to recreate the fragility of snowflakes. The crystallization process speaks to the heart and its constant struggle between passion and rationality. The idea is combined with the inspiration comes from the Sami, the indigenous tribes from Norway: embroidery depicting skulls represent the auspicious rituals that go to strengthen the icy atmosphere of the collection, in an introspective mind melting and the heart ".

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