Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom

MI MANERA, a conceptual jewelry line founded on the collective ideas of modern and timeless senses. Inspiration drawn from the simplicity of geometrical characters, diversified essence of contemporary art, and architectural silhouettes. The designs revolutionized the conventional shapes and patterns through modernized contemporary precious metalwork.

Converted to reality, each piece is handcrafted by experienced goldsmiths inside our production studio. Fusing new technology with tradition-rich artistry passed through generations. MI MANERA challenge the common perception of modern classicism jewelry, continuously seeking to evolve and present a new take on jewelry design and craftsmanship.

The collection strives to redefine the importance of body adornments, empowering women to unveil individual personal expression. The epitome of new jewelry, MI MANERA highlights the significance of jewelry and consistently adds the finishing touch to the lifestyle of everyday modern women.

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