Milli Maier

Grey Sheep



london / United Kingdom


Estonian University of Life Sciences

Milli Maier is a fine hair jewellery designer who had long intended to create a piece that could carry a story from ancient times, when deities wore head icons that symbolised their mind and what they stood for.
But it wasn't until she learned the significance of human hair and how it was valued as a true source of intuition. Her ambition in making precious hair jewellery is to recreate the story of ‘HUMAN HIGHNESS’. People who strive to be the best version of themselves so they could always wear their ‘invisible crown’ as a symbol of their mind. After finishing her first piece she felt as though it had always been here, and as though it would never ever leave. In the beginning of 2017, Milli Maier fine hair jewellery was officially launched in London.

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