Millar Jewellery

Black Sheep


brighton / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Founded in 2015 by jewellery designer Scott Millar, the Millar Jewellery label stands for bringing a fashion approach to traditional Goldsmithing technique.

Inspired by diverse influences, every piece incorporates narrative and meaning drawn from ancient mythology, symbolism and imagery. Believing in maintaining a high level of craftsmanship in his work, Millar Jewellery aims to offer wearable statement items that do not compromise on style.

Producing work in both silver and gold, Millar Jewellery’s designs sit between striking geometry whilst keeping an organic and human touch through. Every piece being handmade for each customer as the ethos of Millar Jewellery is that the traditions of making should be maintained whilst simultaneously approaching design with a fashion-forward approach.

Every piece is handmade by Scott in his studio/shop, overlooking the beautiful beaches of Brighton.

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