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hong kong polytechnic university

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" The Moon is just cooler to work under,
put your crown on and be the boss."

Midnight factory is a local Hong Kong brand established in 2017. The initial concept underlying the brand comes from the owner’s desire to escape from the repetitive reality and to find a balance between responsibility and pursuit of dreams. Midnight Factory signifies the time after midnight, the time where we can use to chase our dreams after fulfilling our duties in life during the day. The owner hopes that the concept behind the brand can motivate others who are lost in reality to pursue their dreams and ultimately find their own paths in life.

Midnight Factory mainly focuses on design and sale of men’s leather accessories. Besides focusing on using high quality materials and high standard of products’ finishing, we hope to put more graphics and local elements into our future products to experiment the potentials of a local Hong Kong Brand in the market.

With the right look, any occasion is a good occasion. Midnight Factory does not churn out stuff, but is a brand that gets your feet on a path of handmade freshness, timelessness, and class.

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