Michelle Kasujja

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


regent's university

Graduation year


Michelle Kasujja is a London based fashion designer. Michelle Kasujja graduated from Regent’s University in 2013 with a BA in Fashion Marketing with Design. She was born in Sweden but her origins are from Uganda. She came to London city to experience the multi cultures in fashion.
Michelle Kasujja plays with geometric shapes that emphasises women’s body form with an element of African craft. There is a young edgy look but it communicates a new sense of sophistication. The mood in this collection brings a reflection of her own multicultural personal experience. This is a ready to wear collection with a sharp cut combined with soft materials. The collection should be accessible to everyone and anybody.
The modern woman has a bit of an attitude and has a strong understanding of who she is and she is not afraid to express her own sense of style. She has an interest in the African heritage and pays attention to the details but she appreciates that there is a story behind each piece of style.

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