Michel KAbbany

Black Sheep



beirut / lebanon


École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode [ Esmod ]

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Michel Kabbany
In the mid-sixties, Michel Kabbany established his atelier in Beirut. During the Lebanese civil war, his atelier was demolished, yet he persevered and continued working, until his passing in the seventies.
In 2012, Michel's grandson, also named Michel, paved his way through one of the most renowned fashion schools in Beirut; ESMOD (École Supérieure des Arts et Technique de la Mode).

Michel, the Lebanese-Armenian designer debuted his professional career surrounded by the best names in the market through Beirut and Dubai.

In 2019 and after reaching a level of maturity, Michel decided to launch his first collection “Galileo”.

Michel runs today the brand “Michel Kabbany”, whose philosophy is inspired by historical men, and adapted into the feminine version.

Although they haven’t met, Michel took it upon himself to carry his grandfather's legacy with him, a constant source of inspiration in his work.