Michael Stokvis

Black Sheep


amsterdam / netherlands


amfi / amsterdam fashion institute

Graduation year


Designer Michael Stokvis has an eye for detail, shape experiments, and concept creation. The designer creates their concepts by mixing personal feelings, zeitgeist, and, fantasy. Resulting in unique concepts that capture the zeitgeist differently. By redefining tailoring in every collection their style keeps developing and can be called ‘technical tailoring’.
Born in Purmerend, 1994, Michael came into contact with fashion from a very young age. Their grandmother used to create garments for the collections of famous Dutch designers like Frans Molenaar and, Puck & Hans. Watching her in her atelier sparked a huge interest in her skills, the fabrics and, garment cuts. While playing in a pile of Fiberfill, Michael unknowingly knew that this would be the start of a passionate journey.
After high-school Michael applied to tailoring school where they successfully graduated. Having learned the depth of tailoring Michael wanted to explore more about their self and design aesthetic. Resulting in the designer applying to Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).
In the second year of AMFI, the designer got selected for the Honours Program of AMFI. This program is for a select group of talented second-year design students. The collection created in this summer program was the start of the basis where Michaels's concepts and the collections keep on being inspired by.

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