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Mews is a Tel-Aviv based fashion brand founded by designer Gal Shenfeld in 2014.

Mews offers contemporary, all black, ready to wear garments with a sense of refined ease. Fluid and airy garments in the purist, minimalistic mood are combined with cutting edge design and materials.

Mews reflects elements of contemporary zeitgeist culture; poetic serene mood fused with a vision of current drama nuanced with a classic elegance spirit. Mysterious attitude and fluid Romanticism scents are woven throughout each collection, as signature silhouettes adulterate languid volumes and movement. subtle and bold merge to form timeless essential collection. Entwined with classicism and the radical touch of current culture, each design captures strength and sensitivity in an nonchalant Atmosphere.

“Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor exact truth, but in the way of feeling.”
[Charles Baudelaire]

The society of consumption and its modus operandi: “I shop therefore I am” [Barbara Kruger] - is expiring. It is the time of individuality revival. Mews embrace slow fashion approach to create distinctive fashion and personal vision. Confident expressive items made of the finest materials forge a unique identity. All items are designed and meticulously hand made in Tel Aviv.

In 2016 Mews was nominated for the “Best Emerging Brand” prize by "Time Out Tel Aviv" and "At" Magazine. In 2015 Mews won a prestigious award from Tel Aviv Fashion council and the Israeli Lottery organization naming Gal Shenfeld as one of the most promising upcoming designers. Mews presented it's Fall 2016 collection in 2015 Tel-Aviv Fashion Week and it's Fall 2015 collection at Riga fashion week. Mews participated in various art and fashion exhibitions at Museums and galleries in Paris, Barcelona, Warsaw, Moscow and Tel Aviv. The studio maintains strong relationship with various artists and creators from diverse disciplines and collaborates in performances, video art and exhibitions, as well as handbags and jewelry.

Designer Gal Shenfeld studied at Shenkar College of art, engineering and design in Tel-Aviv, graduated with honors in 2011. Her graduate collection was awarded for its innovation at Mittelmoda the Fashion Award in Italy. Gal worked for Elie Tahari in New-York and collaborated with many Israeli designers and brands, including designer Yosef and Maskit Fashion House, before launching her own line in 2014. Shenfeld founded her Fashion Brand Mews in 2014.

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