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buenos aires / argentina


u.b.a. university of buenos aires

MET&TURÉ its a shoe label created by Melanie Taussig and Giuliana Renaud based in Buenos Aires.
It's a brand that returns to the origins of creating and giving.It reflects ways that do not pass with time, focusing on materials and perfection in details.
The value of our products is given throughout our supply chain, as it is where our designed come to light passing through many hands that give life to our collections.
We aim to create a timeless form, and not be tied to pre-established concepts of fashion. We are aware of how important it is to make products that are built with strength and integrity, at a time when its trendy the fast fashion. MET & TURÉ is a fusion between clean lines and movement that are mixed generating feminine products for women who like to feel unique. We seek to be part of a group of women who undertake and live life 100%, surpassing every day.
Our mission is to support the design quality.

- Since 2013

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