Mermaid Stories

Grey Sheep



copenhagen / denmark

Mermaid Stories is a young and sea-fresh label in Copenhagen, designing modern luxurious women's watches and jewelry. In love with Scandinavian chic, we aspire to create a curated selection of favorite items that will accompany you for a long time. Mermaid Stories is for the creative souls, for the poetic at heart and confident in mind. For you who sees the magic stories and the big picture behind what seems to be everyday. Who makes life into an opportunity, a playground with the serious mission to realize what you have been dreaming of. Our brand's inspiration is the intersection where minimalism meets magic. A hint of poetry blended with Scandinavian simplicism. A touch of mermaid glow in between sheer lines. A breath of art déco in minimalist environments. A grain of dust from bohemian velvet chairs in the back of a circus. A wind of confetti on freshly cleaned tiles. Both our women's watches and our pieces of jewelry have their own character and feminine, playful details. They should not only be worn on you, but go with you. We aim to create accessories that inspire you to take chances. Which share your stories and write them together with you. In crystal-clear quality, with a no-worry-warranty. - For the mermaids. For the dreamers. For the doers.

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