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MERÉ is a result of a research of essence and interaction of freedom, technology, style and esthetics. The Frame collection is the total result of the designers’ vision speculation about the internal strength and independence of a woman through the prism of the modern architecture and history of national suits. Paying a tribute to the ideas of formalism, the collection plays by the rules of present day. The fundamental idea of comfort and functionality is the cornerstone of Frame and MERÉ in general. Geometrical basis of the collection is a rectangle. His structure and force transmits a spirit of self-sufficiency of a woman, and at the same time it is either «entering a dialogue» with the fabrics and shapes or speaking about fragility and femininity. As if having been given into the strength of mind it partially repeats a shape of a body. Rectangle is a streamline but it doesn't predetermine androgyny of the collection. City rhythm, skyscrapers, constructivism, simplicity of lines, personality and success. MERÉ’ woman is situated in a very center of modern life, she does not follow trends, she also is a trend.Opening entity of the heroine of the collection, the movie Frame invites to fantasy and at the same time absolutely real world of architectural jungle. We see a woman of Frame through the foggy atmosphere of an ancient estate as if touch her clothes. Run through the geometrical architectural forms and natural landscapes, three forms — freedom, creativity and an alter-ego — interact and merge in one image.


Identity in laconicism. MERÉ supports a woman in her way to an ideal of the self-expression not entering into the conflict with functionality. Heart of the brans is a possibility to unite and combine parts of each new collection and as a result ability to collect uniform wardrobe of different seasons’ things.
Supporting the idea of reasonable consumption and «smart clothes» de-signers have developed the Wardrobe application. Due to the spirit of the times the application reflects all information about clothes — from existence in shops to the recommendation about leaving, from an opportunity to postpone a thing with «like» until availability of stylist’ advice function

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