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Miss Sun graduated form MA fashion design in Birmingham City University, as well as has a master administration degree form International Business in National Dong Hwa University. With the capability of management and design, Miss Sun dedicated herself on protecting the earth in fashion infustry by using multi-functional designs.

MeiSUN' missoion is to make people never get bored of Each pieces. The principle of the company is to make each pieces wisely.
We think about reuse, reduce and recycle. We create variety different styles by using limited pieces. There are different function on one garment and can be dressed in different styles, as a result, people won't dispose it easily. The company maintains a long products life and reduse the waste. We devote our work to customers' happiness, so we value on quality. We protect our earth and we live with people.

MeiSUN studio is an affordable high-end and multi-functional clothing boutique that
priority eco-friendly items. Our clothing selections and exclusive personal style services, which included affordable bespoke with high quality and organic fabric. We create casual apparel & accessories for People, and use multi-functional design to make customers have efficient dressing during day and night.

Our designs save you time, money, energy and space. The most important is that our design can satisfy your desire of unlimited styles with limited clothes. People go to multiple functions each day, juggle many tasks at work and home as well as traveling more frequently for work or leisure. With an overwhelming amount of choices, and more crowded closet, our collection gives you 8 values.

1. Eco-Friendly
2. Bespoke in an affordable price
3. Traveling light
4. Save space
5. Unlimited style in a daily life
6. Quality construction
7. Less frequent washes​
8. Best value for your money

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