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pearl academy new delhi

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Mehak Tariq Beigh is a graduate from Pearl Academy of fashion, New Delhi. She Strongly believes in the idea of giving back to the society. And as a designer feels that the best way to do it is by working closely with the design clusters as well as uplifting traditional crafts and textiles.
She is a conscious, socially responsible fashion designer, who believes in working towards fair trade.

Throughout these four years in a design college she gained a keen interest in working towards revival of the culture and environment. Her graduating collection was an effort to get into light the rich traditions and cultures that are no longer being practiced. It was an amalgamation of contemporary silhouettes with traditional textiles using sustainable design practices which are not only limited to the use of organic fabrics but, also includes natural dyeing, DE-construction, visible mending and upcycling. . She recently has been given a chance to showcase her collection during Vancouver Fashion Week.

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