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zagreb / croatia

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"Me and the machine" is a fashion design duo based in Zagreb, Croatia.

For us clothes are not just passive cladding for the body - they are a person's "second skin" - not only as a metaphor for shelter, also at the same time as the way of expression and communication. All organisms need an outer covering to serve as a barrier between themselves and the environment. It is only the human being that has been able to devise additional membranes or "second skin" of our own choosing.
We are preoccupied with space, volume and creating a shelter for the body, we approach garments as sculptures/3D objects or as architectonic constructions because both fashion design and architecture deal with creating space and volume out of two-dimensional materials, although on different scales.
Inspired by the space that surrounds us, every collection has a story behind it and comes as a result of researching.
Of course, besides the design and production coming from our side, a personality of one who carries it determines the final "touch" to a piece of clothing.

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