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międzynarodowa szkoła kostiumografii i projektowania ubioru

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MDLV is simultaneously provocative and ascetic, feminine and practical, luxurious and accessible. The brand pays attention to high quality of sewing, materials and uniqueness. MDLV create collections using excellent, Polish viscose, Italian fabrics like cashmere, wool, silk and genuine leather. Clothes are sewn in Polish sewing factories.

We create clothes which we want to wear. We complement the wardrobe with the perfect things for the season, create construction and send quickly for the sewing. We want to wear clothes sewn neatly with the best quality materials and beautiful. Without compromise. We sew in Poland, mainly, but not only with Polish materials. To make it variously, feminine and sexy.

MDLV is like the last collection. Today this way, tomorrow - who knows?

So follow our activity and ...

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