Mayya Saliba

Grey Sheep


amsterdam / netherlands


École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode [ Esmod ]

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

The Netherlands

MAYYA SALIBA is an innovation incubator working on design-driven solutions for the future of fashion.

Guided by the circular economy principle, we believe design has an invaluable role in societal change. Our aim is to democratise sustainability and inspire the industry towards connectivity and collaboration by consulting for companies and initiatives.

Our own line of circular products showcases our achievements in research and development. It reflects our understanding of the complexity of enacting transformation at all levels in the supply chain. One of our recent clients was the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. We are now working on a research project with the support of the European Commission and the European Union as part of WORTH Partnership Project 2019.

During this journey, our work gained international recognition, including, among other, the German National Award “Ecodesign” by the German Ministry of the Environment in 2016, the GO-NH 2018 award by the Province of North Holland, the “Best sustainable project 2019” award by the British Council.

It was featured in: ELLE, El Pais, Noveaux Magazine, Not Just A Label, Taiwan Textile Magazine, Futur 404, Circular Fashion Network, The Huffington Post.

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