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Hello everyone, before we introduce ourselves, we would like to bring your attention to and explain our Brand graphics. We wish to do this because our graphics are an integral part of understanding who we are and our business philosophy; and we really would like you to get to know us as we you!

So firstly, please note the choice of our Brand name and its spelling;

Secondly, please note that the Y is slanted, projects from within the words and has a period at the end of it, doubles as a question mark and represents our Logo;

Thirdly, please note that the "IN" contains our Y which appears cutting diagonally across the word "IN" to indicate that "IN" is negated.

So the sum of all of the above creates our ethos:

We wanted to choose a phrase that was in our mind the poster child of everything negative and environmentally destructive connected not only to fashion but to consumerism....thus our choice of Made in China as a starting point; to that we added our own spelling not only to remove ourselves with any association with the Made in China phrase, but also to incorporate our philosophy and ethics through the letters and graphics that we chose. Thus we added the Y not only to be used as our Logo but also to the platform for asking "why?".....i.e. "why" do things have to be this way?..."why" do we have to harm animals and the environment? etc. We want to tell the world to question everything and to never accept what seems and is wrong...this begins with questioning the status quo to questioning all things in life that are unfair, unjust and unethical.

Now let us introduce ourselves and our processes:

We, the designers, Maria Teresa Perna and Giovanni Perna have
created the first vegan fashion line that is made from our own
manufactured fabrics which we researched and developed over the last
5 years. Our textiles are entirely sourced and produced in the USA
--- from seed to fabric. Our fibre is made from 100% USDA certified
organic pima cotton fibre and/or OCIA certified organic naturally
coloured cotton fibre. We have personally travelled to the USA to
choose, meet and work with all our suppliers being our farmers,
spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers and sewers. The suppliers in our
supply chain are certified to either the GOTS standard, the Oeko-
Tex standard, the Blue Sign Standard and/or adhere to the principles
and practices of these standards.

We have designed the MAYD IN CHYNA apparel line to be first and foremost a
social enterprise that does philanthropic work because that is what
we believe to be everyone's responsibility to each other. We started
this business as a means to an end....a means to give back, to help
make for a well functioning society, to assist in and support animal
welfare and all the while giving people fashionable and quality clothing
while polluting our planet as little as possible.

We do "on demand Production" meaning we do made to order and do not stock any inventory; this addresses the issues of overproduction, overconsumption and the excessive waste that is rampant in the fashion industry today; additionally we eliminate the need for warehouse facilities so this cuts down on our use of energy and resources.

we also practice circular fashion; CIRCULAR FASHION IS APPAREL THAT USES FABRICS, NOTIONS, TRIMS ETC THAT CAN BE EITHER RECYCLED OR REUSED AND THAT HAVE ATTRIBUTES OF LONGEVITY AND ADAPTABILITY so they feed back into the system; our pieces can be recycled and reused since they do not contain a mix of fibres nor chemical inputs. in fact, We are waiting to join the Circular.ID project initiated by circular fashion system when it launches so that our product choices and information can be properly utilized by our customers and sorting facilities.

to make the best fit experience possible for our customers, we have also teamed up with the passen fit technology here in toronto, canada so that our customers can walk into a 3d fitting room anywhere in the city, get measured, receive a personal avatar of their measurements and use it to order their pieces from us so they will get a perfect fit everytime; if a passen fitting room is not available in your area, don't worry, we have provided you with explicit instructions on how to take your measurements on our website so to ensure a very near perfect fit!

so as a recap, our fashion brand uses the MAYD IN CHYNA label to radically redefine the
concepts that are normally associated with the usual phrase of Made
in China. We want to demonstrate that there is such a thing as a
business with a true conscience that diligently supports environmental
and social justice, and animal welfare.

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