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"Matveeva Fine Garment" is women & menswear conceptual clothing brand based and crafted in Kiev, Ukraine. Established in 2014 by Sonya Matveeva & Denis Trepakov.
The label includes several concept lines: "Just Like A Rock", "Armadillo", "Ruby", “Tyto”, annual limited line “Rainbow Coats” & accessory line. Designers don't work on collections, they continue adding pieces to existing lines.
The philosophy of "Matveeva Fine Garment" is based on exploring unique forms and functionality of natural world & transforming them into conceptual garments with original cuts & engineering attitude.
Since all the brand's concepts find origin in nature, it uses only high-quality fabrics and natural materials.
"Matveeva Fine Garment" is not just clothing. It's enriched with special meaning, exclusive silver details, wooden hangers, special packaging bags & personalizing clothing labels. Moreover, it possesses its own personality that reveals to wearers the moment they put garment on.

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