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ljubljana / slovenia

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Matea Benedetti, CEO & Creative Director
Matea Benedetti started her carrier as a costume designer for opera houses and theatres. Ever since she was a student, she had an extreme passion for sustainable fashion, which is why she decided to create a luxury brand engaged with the environment.
The goal of sustainable fashion is one that raises our consciousness with respect to nature and all forms of creation. She combines a green spirit with a revolutionary production process to create one of a kind high-end fashion collections.
Matea focuses on rare, precious, and innovative materials, with the beauty and quality of her garments going beyond what the eye can see.
“Behind every piece I make there is a lot of research, with every collection an exploration of species under threat from human activity. I use design to inspire responsible behavior through beauty and luxury.”
From the first Milan Showroom at Via Montenapoleoneto the articles in international media, her brand Matea Benedetti continues growing, not only in the areas of design and innovation but also by spreading its commitment for fashion to serve the well-being of our ecosystem.

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