Mashael Alrajhi

Black Sheep



riyadh / saudi arabia

Mashael Al Rajhi is a designer who has built an atelier that has the artisan's value for perfection in an unlikely equilibrium with an artist's passion to create. After finishing a degree in Business Administration from King Saud University, she eventually embraced her love for the sartorial arts by acquiring a fashion design diploma from the Australian based Box Hill Institute through the Arts and Skills institute in Riyadh.

Mashael immediately ventured into fashion design after graduating, creating ready to wear collections for men and women under the brand label: MASHAEL. Her work is marked with an inclination to transform concepts into tangible collections through the use of intricate techniques and building texture on flat fabrics. A rebel with a cause, Mashael is at the crux of deviating from the trends of her contemporaries while creating a fashion emporium that represents its cultural origin.

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