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Harim accademia Euromediterranea Catania

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My name’s Martina Blasco, I’m 24. Since I was a young girl I travelled, visiting places with different ethnicities and cultures. It was this thing that made me fall in with love fashion, because according to me it’s a form of espression and moreover it made me became a sociable girl capable of establishing good relationships.

I have been drawing since I was a young girl, starting from landscape until I arrived to sketch clothes. After high school, I continued my passion for fashion, infact I attended the Accademy Euromediterranea of Catania applying for a four year course of Fashion Design.

During my acccademic years I grew up becaming very resourceful. I showed this part of me participating to different contests and in the realisation of my own Fashion Collection. These esperiences helped me bring out my intuitive and organized side, appreciating the creativity, the research and the design of this “world”.

I took part at the project named “Color Block”, financed by the YKK company with the design of a conceptual outfit, that I exhibited at the fashion show “Madeinmedi” 2015 at the Palazzo Biscari of Catania.

I was choosed to participate at a National contest Milano Moda Graduate Fashion Show with my man collection “Beaux de Nuit” , At Catania I participated at the Madeinmedi 2016 organized by the Accademy Euromediterranea (Mediterranean & Fashion Week) , and at last I was choosed to take part at the Talent show MadMood.

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