Martin Across

Black Sheep


barcelona / spain


Westminister Univeristy

Graduation year


Martin Across is an artistic name created by Martin Maldonado. He is a fashion design graduate at Westminster University/Istituto Europeo di Design living in Barcelona-Spain. He was born and raised in Quito-Ecuador until he graduated from high school and decided to to move to a bigger city. He began his career in architecture at Pratt Institute but later on realized that this medium limited his was of expressing something. He gathered inspiration from his mother, a florist who taught him the basics of color, shape and volume. In school, he attended numerous theater classes and joined the chorus. He later on began drawing and illustrating, fascinated by hyperrealism through which he expressed concepts which challenged society. His collections are a way of showing a personal development and evolution. His combination of ideas and background, mingled with those things seen daily make his work go through a constant state of flux. His designs are characterized by round soft curves, defined lines and unusual exaggerated shapes which question the parameters of the human body. "I want people not to be guided by how to look, but rather how they would feel, and whom they would transform into, by wearing a piece of clothing". Recently, Martin won the "Best collection award" at the MODAFAD contest in 080 Barcelona fashion. Martin is only 21 years old. His biography is short as is his experience in the fashion industry. He is currently living in Barcelona, developing a new collection to present at 080 F/W season.