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tel aviv / israel


accademia riaci, florence, italy

Martella (Italian for 'hit it with a hammer') was born in Florence, Italy, where designer and creative director Idan Yosefov mastered the art of leather bags. Like any other great idea, the Martella bags were born from necessity – having a bag that expresses innovative, luxurious fashion, along with great functionality and the best materials.
Idan Yosefov, 31, acquired his first degree in fashion in Tel Aviv, Israel, and completed his Master studies in leather bags in Florence, Italy. His designs are influenced by his course of life - worldwide travelling and living in different cultures, from Cambodia to Los Angeles, from The Netherlands to Australia. After travelling for half a decade, Idan became sort of a nomad, and home became wherever he puts his bags.
With that thought in mind he decided to gather a partner - his then girlfriend and now wife, Ya'ara Ohayon, and together they travelled the world searching for ideas and materials, factories and small crafts studios, until they found the perfect package, and established Martella.

Martella leather bags creates a personal, individualistic experience. Dramatic and sophisticated designs, made with the finest leathers while giving special attention to details that matter, and beautiful hardware that creates true and timeless style. Beauty is not found in orthodox, predictable places. It’s found in the space between them. The space between masculine and feminine, functionality and luxury, vintage and modern. A Martella bag is not designed for day or night, male or female, business or pleasure. It’s handcrafted to capture the indefinable essence of you.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection