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Sherlly Ontiveros serves as the President, Founder, and Lead Designer of Marshelly’s Jewelry. Under her leadership, Marshelly’s Jewelry has grown from a part time on-line business to a full service accessory line. Her designs are sold and showcased throughout New York City, attracting attention and praise from some of the industry’s top designers. Combining her knowledge of the craft with her natural creative abilities, she creates new pieces inspired by her experiences and reactions to life, music, and art. Sherlly’s designs are edgy and eclectic, yet personal and full of life.

Sherlly was born and raised in Miami, Florida. As a child, she loved visiting her father’s jewelry manufacturing business in New York City, where she was exposed to the craft. After first pursuing a career as a chef, Sherlly felt a calling to return to her father’s business. There she learned the entire process of jewelry design, from quality control to sale. While she was working, Sherlly started finding inspiration in all of the pieces that were passing through her hands. Whenever she would start on a new piece, she began asking questions such as “what would happen if I extended this angle, or combined these shapes?” It was this sense of curiosity that ignited Sherlly’s passion for jewelry design.

Sherlly graduated from the New York Jewelry Design Institute in 2012, and now devotes herself to expanding her business. Sherlly loves the human aspect of design, and she believes that working collaboratively with other designers strengthens the skill of all involved. Each piece Sherlly designs is created in New York City, and she only uses materials that come from the United States.

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