Marlena Czak

Grey Sheep




Akademia sztuk pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi

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I print the Hopper's painting "Second story sunlight" in real size on paper. I share this surface on parts. My criterion is the amount and temperature of light. Colors are different because of the amount of light. Hopper used a flat marks of colors and clear contour, what makes my task easier. Then I cut parts of painting, put them directly on fabric, cut fabric and make patterns. I do not make any borders for myself, I focus to create totally new shapes. This transgression evolves naturally, changes. I multiply shapes, use different sizes, connect them. They are for me details or main part of the pattern.
This transgression is a stimulus for my imagination. I create myself an inspiration - painting’s analysis. I cross over the painting’s frames, destruct and analyse. My process is full of Hopper’s moood, but not similar visually. I try to go away from actual fashion trends and patterns. It is the way to think up new solutions in patterns. It doesn’t mean a success, but a risk. Moreover, it is necessary to work longer on designs. Therefore my target was not a commercial collection, but designs, that will be for me the multitude of ideas for further work. Every design from this collection I can easily translate into commercial cloth.

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