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Marita Wrong creates LUXURIOUS, ETHICAL and ONE OF A KIND designs.

Her clothing and accessories are ALL made in slovenia, where the designer is FROM And currently creates her unique designs.

Marita studied Fashion at NTF Ljubljana and at politecnico di Milano.

MARITA traveled half of the world and lived in yemen, London and Milan. Her four years of experience living in Yemen, helped her develop a new way of looking at the FASHION industry. In 2003 she presented her FIRST fashion SHOW, entirely made from recycled MATERIALS, which at the time was an innovation and a new way of looking at the fashion industry. The different cultures, ideas, diverse IDEALISMS, inspired her DESIGNS, which WERE also stimulated by the Yemeni’s creative way of surviving through everyday life.

The perception of textile, combined with different colours and patterns, expresses her work through the way she feels and visions the future.

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