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tbilisi / georgia


Tbilisi State Academy Of Fine Arts

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Georgian designer Marita was born on February 12, 1988. She is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Marita studied at Tbilisi State Academy Of Fine Arts and graduated a Master's Degree in Fashion Design in 2013. The names of her collections are: " Cosmic Angels" ; "Cryptogram"; Native Arts"; "Collapse"; "Canadian Modern Architecture". Marita has been participated in many projects with her collections and artworks. Marita was invited and financed by Vancouver Fashion Week and she has been participated on VFW S/S 2014; VFW F/W 2015; Vancouver Eco Fashion Week and at an exhibition of Art World Expo. Georgian designer's works have been presented in several countries such as: Georgia; Malta; Armenia; England; Spain; USA; Canada.
Bachelor of Design/Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
Master's degree /Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. her collections are produced in Georgia and ,in Vancouver, Canada.

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