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Nela Todorovska, known as Mariguccha is a notable emerging fashion designer from Macedonia. Mariguccha was the name of her Aromanian grand grandmother and it means Saint Mary. Nela Todorovska graduated The Fashion Design Faculty and The Fashion Design and Costumes MA at The Arts University in Bucharest. During her MA degree she was a teaching assistant at professor Albani at Costumography as object in The Scenography Faculty. In her MA graduation work she focused on deconstruction in fashion. Some of her important exhibitions were held in Bucharest, Prague, Belgrade and Skopje.she has six collection till now,the most popular and presentable are the last collection Argatlook what mean mean hard man worker and the DiaphanouS 2015.
Her works it's minimal by colour,usualy in black.Like shape very structure and rigid materials.
Her interests as a fashion designer are materials, materiality and colors as subject, ways of reinventing traditional looks, high-end and unfinished edges in rigid lines, futuristic trends and looks. 2016 she start with collections of leather bags and silver accesories.
​ She is versatile as it concerns the creation areas, she has worked in the cinema industry with Castel Film and Revolution production like costumography at the movies “Children of the Sun”, ’Golden Five” and at various theatre, opera and ballet plays.
As a silver jewelry designer, Todorovska’s works are powerful statement-like symbolistic, geometrical sculptural pieces. Her minimalistic jewelries seem sacred and archaic, but in the same time lucid contemporary.

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