Marie Weber

Black Sheep


florence / italy



Graduation year


Marie Weber is graduated in product designing by the school ESAA ( école supérieure d'arts appliqués de Troyes) in France. During three years she learned about technics, drawings, informatic programms and to develop her own personality in her projects. She also learned about marketing and management.
Always interested by fashion and style she discovered her passion for shoes, that she considers like the perfect compromise between fashion and product. The school of POLIMODA gave her the opportunity to develop her knowledge about shoes technics and fashion. What she likes over all is the ability to pass from an idea to a real object. " Build something by your own hands is the most beautiful thing you can do" Doing shoes and searching for new possibilities, new designs becames a real passion. She is really interest in the consumer society study and how the society and our behaviours evolves through ages. We always buy more to adapt ourself to new trends, to the different images society reflects and because of this immoderate supply. And one of the question she asks herself every morning is: what can she bring to this society as a designer? Designing, she doesn't want to offer an other consum object that people just buy and leave few months after. Designing she wants to tell a story which entranced the consumer: something sensitive, something unique and full of poetry. She wants to offer a piece of dream.

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  • Final collection ** COEUR D'ARTICHAUD** 2013/ MARIE WEBER