Maria petraityte

Grey Sheep



vilnius / lithuania


Academy of Art Vilnius

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I was born and raised in Lithuania. For past years I have been gaining my craftmanship expertises in fashion. I have received BA diploma in Fashion Design at VILNIUS Academy of Arts. Before that I had got a sustainable fashion design AP degree at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. I am shaping my design aesthetics somewhere between past and future. The most inspiring things for me are organic nature forms, history and metaphysical philosophies – they all blend in to my design processes. I USE seamlines and textures to create sculptural and organic form within a garment.

My latest collection 'DisTANCE FROM A POINT' is talking about self-analysis – my creative work became the main object of research. It is a journey into myself in search of individuality and distinctive style.

My design language is aiming to develop future visions for clothing. Today, I am making made-to-order and custom items – in this way I want to stay environmental responsible and have freedom to further explore experimental fashion side.

Latest Collection