Maria Magdalena

Grey Sheep


Seville / spain


ceade leonardo de sevilla

Maria Magdalena is a young firm that looks unceasingly magic as inspiration, using tools such as routine and banality. Everything postulated as glamorous has the target to tinge with mystery trivialities. The human being is still that animal who needs to satisfy his basic needs, no matter how evolve we are and how much into new technologies...

Collection line

"WE ARE CATTLE" is part of the idea just introduced. It is a collection of a bold, sarcastic and funny aesthetic line. It takes resources such as symbolism, exaggeration, irony and the like. It is an exercise of awareness and self-criticism, an idea that appears after a process of forgetting every catchword. It constitutes a revision of the human being role in the society, a reconsideration about the existence, And all this condensed and transmitted in an ironical and bizarre way, in order to make the observer think about. It is, in addition, a tribute of the importance of expression, exaltation of individual thinking and critical speech. It should be pointed out the gestures to some memes in Internet, convincing sentences, and the printings. Due to all this, Maria Magdalena has released her first Fashion Film, directed by JJTorres, responsible of capture in an audiovisual language the firm universe.

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