Maria Jovrea

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom

Born and raised in a family which main activities evolved around the field of tailoring for over 5 generations, I can affirm that it runs through my veins. I grew up in the atelier around fabrics, machines, but more importantly, people that animated the passion and engraved deep into my heart and personality, thereupon I have been sewing clothes from the early age of 14.

Following my dream of being a part of the fashion industry, after High School I have moved to Italy to work in a production house that at the time had contracts with labels like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermanno Scervino, Prada and many more, thanks to the experience I have learned the process of the technical part of fashion. Returning home I have decided to continue my family tradition and help local people with my skills in designing and making, but that didn’t last for long since I got the opportunity to move to London in 2015 for a BA Degree in Fashion and Textiles which I have graduated in 2018.

I usually draw my inspiration from everyday moments, risk and comfort, melancholy and cheerfulness, people’s emotions play a subtle but important part of my daily life.
My young label has taken a violent romantic aesthetic starting with the AW1819 Collection INFATUATION. Mostly used for the pieces is RED which it's a very emotionally intense color, it's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure.
The message of the brand is encouraging us to be ourselves, accept the way we feel and not to be afraid to express it. As I tend to mostly be inspired by the way people make me feel, I have created from this, a name for all my pieces - 'Wearable Feelings'.
With 'WEARABLE FEELINGS' I am hoping to bring more awareness into people's lives about their feelings, I believe it is important to understand and embrace the way we feel.

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