Marguerite tenot

Black Sheep


brussels / belgium


ensav la cambre mode(s)

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I am a person who's always seeking for new skills. My goal is to acquire a palette of different techniques in the field of fashion design. After obtaining a Textile Design degree in Paris, a Bachelor in Fashion Design and a Master in Fashion Design in Brussels I am now starting my own business.
I also work as a freelance in embroidery during fashion weeks.

All my designs are handcrafted, in a laborious and meticulous way.
The textile aspect is just as important to me as volume work. I define my practice in the same way as a Swiss knife because I try to work as many various aspects in a garment as possible and i do not focus only the cut: I do embellishments, embroidery, pattern printing, pattern making, draping, drawings, photoshop, photography, ...

My designs blend haute couture garments with other hyper functional and basic pieces. I like to play on this duality.

The people I target when creating my clothes are young people of my age, a bit fashionable, and "cool", who like to dress up. Moreover, almost all my collections are inspired by my friends, I often have a "muse" for each collection for whom I create all my clothes.

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