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Specialties: Creative Direction, Branding & identity, Trend Research, Technical Denim Design, Fabric Knowledge, Wash Specialist, Denim Specialist, Denim product Manager, Range Planning

Since he saw sewing his first pair of jeans, in 1985, time has passed.
He has seen tastes, tendencies, machinery changed, but his timeless gestures, repeated every day , have remained intact in his way of creating.

He choses to attend the fashion designer course at the "Calcagnile fashion Academy“ and coolhunter course at the "Polimoda" in Florence, because he sees the designer as a form of communication element between the various department stores of a fashion industry, which is side by side the style along the "fascinating" path of transforming ideas into reality.

The good success of a garment depends in many cases on the use of a common language to plan, control and coordinate production activities.

During all these years, the experience gained in the denim sector has allowed him to know another reality different from the company one, made by customers looking for a product studied according to their market and target.

The design role in this environment has seen him strongly engaged, as well as in designing, also in the research and development of more and more innovative collections in the demanding industry of contemporary fashion, thus stimulating his predisposition to creative research.

He's constantly looking for new trends, appreciating the brand's development and seeking materials and fabrics while reflecting on the many external influences, such as personal experience, art culture and design, thus developing a visual language through continuous market research.

To further refine his skills he started a training experience as a man-woman modeller.

This course gave him insights, besides the development of patterns and fit, also on the industrialization of products from a tailor-made study and design.

Try to lighten a seam, move a button, and then cut , finish it , and try it for countless times until he reach his idea of search and perfection ... Is his expressed passion .

It’s for this reason that with a continuous search that draws full hands from the Italian manufacturing tradition, with sewing machine and chalk, he follow the lines of his thoughts transforming them into shapes, each one of the unique features by appearance and color, made with care.

his passion, his strength, is in the product

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