Marcel Lunkwitz

Black Sheep


treuenbrietzen / germany

Graduation year


Marcel Lunkwitz (1981) graduated with a diploma in conceptual fashion design from Burg Giebichenstein, University of Arts Halle where he originally started in the de-
partment of graphic design, and later discovered his passion for creating fashion.

The ability to combine both directions
within his work is thus very characteristic: most of his collections or commissioned work include textile prints and embroider-
ies based on refined graphics. Technical refinement, craftsmanship, and an interest in modifying fabrics by various printing
and coating techniques result into unique garments and innovative fabrics and surfaces. An idiosyncratic attitude in design moves into a realm of traditional crochet and warp-handknitted fabric.
Combined with modern materials Marcel Lunkwitz designs unique and innovative pieces.

Wearing Marcel Lunkwitz is a vision of a modern and bold appearence of men and women that is both fresh and elegant, playful and defined, powerful and sensitive, innovative and down-to-earth. It is color-
ful, sophisticated and always unpredictable. The style plays with colours, transparency and lightness in relation to sculptural and idiosyncratic structures. The challenge is
to combine both innovation and wearability.

Marcel Lunkwitz creates small collections consisting of unique pieces, some are produced in very limited editions. He also makes individual and unique designs on commission.

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