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istituto marangoni (milano)

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Mar The Label was founded by former Istituto Marangoni Milan’s student Marietta Mantero in January 2018. The products are designed and handmade in Lima, Peru.

The Swimwear Line is handmade with Italian eco-lycra, and the Resort line is handmade by natural silk & gauze.

The designer takes inspiration from the 90s and the modern, sexy, elegant, simple and self-confident Latina woman.

The lycras are ecological and do not throw away microfibers when they get wet; everything is handmade, including the silk packaging.

The garments are intended to be used to also go out of the sea.

The most important thing is that the designer wanted each client to feel as unique as the brand, and that is why the products and colors are limited-edition only.

"I realized there weren’t both simple and modern bikinis in the market. I wanted to create an exclusive brand, because we all want to feel unique. This is why I created Mar The Label. Neutral colors swimsuits with attractive designs, but most importantly, seamless and eco-friendly, so they could be used as a top/body for any event and occasion; to go beyond the sea.“

- Marietta Mantero


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