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With Mapapas, you will adore your feet!
That will make one year that the brand took its take-off as aDemocratic republic of Congo! Since June 2014, it does not stop conquering the hearts and… thefeet of those which cross its road. To magnify the feet with flipsflops in wax this is the challenges that this young brand launched out which dreams to conquer the world!
Since she is a little girl Sandra Lukusa always had weak for the fashion, the créative young person remembers the hours spent to observe her mom in his sewing shop. “My Passion for fashion comes from my mother. When I was younger, I used to chill in her sewing shop and I took pleasure to help my mother in embroidery of pearls and other accessories and the personalization of derby' S forwomen”. And yet when it is in age to continue higher learning it is towards the international public law that it moves, while keeping to deepest of her desire for creating and for leaving free course to her imagination and Creativity. Once her Law diploma out of pocket, She continues to be informed on all that occurs on the Fashion world via the blogs and other platforms of exchange. It is only during her third pregnancy,where as she has not bad time in front of her, that the young woman decides to live at the great dayher passion for art and the creativity. After a shortmoment of reflection it launches out in thecustomisation of all the objects which it finds in her house. Satisfied with its first tests, it continues withthe creation of accessories out of loincloth. Theresult being well beyond its waitings, the creativeone feels boosted and decides to create Mapapas.“While excavating in my fabric trunks, I fell downon beautiful old loincloths which I had received inheritage of my grandmother deceased. Those Cihaving a sentimental importance for me, I thusreflected to make them in order to give them anattraction more current than I will be able naturallyto adapt to my daily behaviours in their bringing a little modernity and dissociating me from creationsout of loincloth which currently exist on the marketof the mode. I aspired to different knack, elegant,original and practical parts. Being a followerunconditional of the flipflops, it proved that for methe obviousness was well there”. It is on June 8th, 2014 with Kinshasa which the first prototype is manufactured, then is very connected: the virtualone with reality the Congolese public is under thecharm of these flipflops very trend. “We wereagreeably surprised by enthusiasm and thepassion which the launching of the brand caused.The Congolese Net surfers of the whole worldappeared via our various pages on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram. We very quickly received orders carried out primarily via our site of online sales. Ilaria Urbinati and Jeanne yang, of the designersrecognized in the world of the mode havehappiness our work”. But the brand does not intendto stop with a typically Congolese public, it has asan ambition to fit the every feet which will fall underthe charm from these little marvels that it proposes.Practices and easily adjustable with a behaviour,Mapapas marry with all and propose a truepanoply of models. Gilded scintillating, for the redgold via the royal blue or the yellow sunflower, itshould be known that in fact the reasons miss! Theuniverse of the wax can be rich, sober or foil.Mapapas adapt and follow the reasons dictated bythe loincloth. Difficult thus not to find shoe with itsfoot! As all the young entrepreneurs who take theway of the self-financing, Sandra Lukusa deploresthe lack of enthusiasm on behalf of certain peoplein his country, likely to finance such a project butthat will not prevent it from continuing to take stepsof giants with its flipflops. “We have to finance thisproject because the financial institutions of ourcountry follow only very perilously the launching ofthe young companies. The sometimes inaccessibleconditions of financing discourage moreundertaking. The realization of the prototypes is anenormous investment, then the advance of thetreasury to launch the production is also ratherimportant. It is essential that so
at somebody believes in you before the concretization of the project,unfortunately, we are far from constant…”Mapapas, it is thus a very young industry of 6people who shares the same one dreamed andsame passion: to make of Mapapas, the firstCongolese industry of flipflops and to create atraining centre for young talents. While waiting to realize all her dreamed, Sandra Lukusa keeps on designing her trendy creations.

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