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The designs of Manuela Biocca are part of the alternative fashion trends (gothic, Victorian, steampunk, romantic) to better provide to contemporary fashion an atypical elegance touch while at the same time remaining feminine and sophisticated. It’s among a classic wardrobe that they will reveal all their splendor, their charm and thus will enhance the personality of every woman.

Manuela finds the inspiration of her collections into past fashions, art, gothic literature, rock music, cabinets of curiosities, baroque, legends and mysteries and revives the interest for accessories worn by elegant women in days of old: skirts, underbust corsets, hats, hair accessories, lace jewelry, belts, bags and purses, spats and cloaks.

The essence of the brand lies into the soft mixture of textures, contrasts and displays of light: luxury fabrics, lace, jewelry and gemstones are the privileged materials of these designs and chosen with great care.

The designer makes a point of honor to propose only unique or very limited editions handcrafted thanks to her technical skills. The attention brought to details, quality, the search for excellence and creativity are her master words. She desires to present exclusive fashion accessories and gives with each design a numbered certificate of authenticity as for pieces of art.

Experience the charming, mysterious, feminine and always unconventional world of Manuela Biocca!

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