Manon Planche

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


university of westminster, london

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United Kingdom

Emerging french designer, graduated from the University of Westminster in 2018 and cited as "Ones to Watch" by Vogue Italia.

Manon Planche creates one of a kind pieces that were shown during London Fashion Week AW18, AW19 and SS20 and worn by many inspiring women, including Rita Ora and Kate Nash.

Positive fashion is at the heart of her multifaceted collections.
Manon focuses on upcycled materials and ethical manufacture whilst creating bold, printed and textured pieces meant to empower women and encourage them to dare it all.

Drawing inspiration from observations of alternative methods of transport and their existential operators; Manon Planche's collections take you on a ride to the next galaxy. From custom motorcycles, to drag racing cars and vintage jet skis - Planche’s creations are influenced by unthinkable activities, conducted by equally daring people; as daring as those who wear the designs.

Manon Planche actively works with artists and performers on custom and bespoke designs for stage and red carpet events.

Manon Planche products are all created and manufactured in london paying great attention to workers conditions and reducing waste as much as possible.


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